Create a breaking news site in minutes with WordPress

I’ve written before about using WordPress as a cost-effective and easy-to-use content management system.

Part of the appeal is the wide range of professional looking designs available online, many of them free, or for just a fistful of dollars.

The team at WordPress itself have now released a new theme dubbed Prologue, which they liken to a group Twitter.
Screenshot of Prologue

What’s interesting about this theme is that it allows contributors to post directly on the blog homepage, with the front page displaying a stream of recent updates.

This is the ideal format for a breaking news site, with reporters adding the latest details as they come in. Any news outlet could set up such a site around a specific event within minutes on

Posts can be categorised and, as such, would be aggregrated. A user could just read the entries related to one aspect of a news story, say posts about police statements, or eyewitness accounts.

Or a newsroom could set one up to tell the audience about the news stories and features they are working on.

Prologue is full of intriguing possibilities and it is impressive how a different theme can offer such a different experience.

The theme is available on for blogs hosted there but also as a download for those hosted elsehwere.

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  • Amy Gahran says:

    Great post, Alf.

    Perfect example of why journalists should know at least the basics of configuring a CMS. In a real breaking news situation, with a small team, someone would have to set up the breaking news blog — and that might be one of the journos.

    – Amy Gahran

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