How to follow the US election results online

What a difference four years make in the life of a presidential election.

As the New York Times has noted, this campaign has been fought, dissected and shared on forms of media that were merely a twinkle in 2004.

On election day, there are an overwhelming number of ways to tap into the pulse of voters.

Chrys Wu has put together a comprehensive list of sites to follow the results, from the NYTimes to MSNBC.

Twitter Exit PollPaul Bradshaw looks at who’s making the most of the web to cover the vote, highlighting Perspctv for data junkies and 270towin for mapping addicts.

And there are a slew of Twitter-related tools which aim to capture the zeitgeist of the election.’s Scan tool, monitoring micro-blogging services like Twitter, is registering 1,000 posts an hour on the election.

TwitterVoteReport is compiling live vote reports from across the US, while Twitter’s own Election2008 offers a constantly updated stream of tweets on the vote.

Another couple of innovative ways of using Twitter are the I voted widget and the Twitter Exit Polls, showing how Twitterers voted. And Mashable has combines tweets and mapping to show the election results according to Twitter.

And if you want an international perspective, head over to the BBC’s election special, The Guardian’s US Elections 08 or Sky TV’s election map.

If all of this is too much, you can always sit back and tune into any of the 24-hour TV news channels that will be running wall-to-wall coverage of the results.

UPDATE: have put together a bewildering compilation of all the ways to follow the US election results via social media.


  • Alf: Twitter and NowPublic has done a great job bringing the American polls to the Canadians. Thank you very much for the article. I think its a great compilation of resources for the result oriented people like me. I am following every minute of it and get a real feel of “election tension” as the polls come in.

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