Did the BBC announce key editor posts on Twitter?

The BBC multimedia newsroom is going through a reshuffle, with new senior editorial appointments expected any day.

The head of the newsroom, Peter Horrocks, may have unintentionally just announced those appointments on Twitter.

In a tweet to Richard Sambrook, BBC director of global news, Peter said:

Was this intended as a private message?

Was this intended as a direct message?

Since the tweet was sent as a response, it would have been seen by anyone following Peter. But it is also visible to anyone and has already been indexed by Twitter Search.

Perhaps it was intended to be a private, direct message.

The BBC was looking to fill a new post of World Executive Editor for the news website, after the former World Editor, Adam Curtis, moved to become the Head of Editorial Standards for the multimedia newsroom.

If the message is about new appointments, then congratulations to Andrew Roy and Natalie Malinarich.

Natalie was one of my colleagues when I edited the BBC News website. She was an assistant editor on the World desk of the site and she is indeed “bright”, as Horrocks said in his tweet.


  • Frank says:

    Just been confirmed by email to staff: “I’m pleased to tell you that Nathalie Malinarich is to be the Executive editor of World Online and Andrew Roy the Head of News for BBC World News. Peter”

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