BBC allows video to be embedded

The BBC has started letting their video be embedded on other sites.  The first few videos are available on the technology section of the BBC News website (which I set up in 2001).

They include a video on Internet football fans and a report from the Bafta Video Game Awards.

Rory Cellan-Jones

As Andy Dickinson comments on an embedded BBC video on his blog, “How cool is that?

The BBC said there were “a huge number of tricky little issues to sort out and most of these have been complex business issues around rights, terms and conditions, etc.”.

The move is part of the BBC’s strategy to make its content more open to the public.

This year we are focusing on a number of projects which will make our content more open including some major changes to the News and Sport website content management and publishing systems.

According to the small print, “the BBC encourages you to embed its video and audio material on your website as long as you agree to a few terms”:

  • This is for use on your personal website
  • Use the supplied code and don’t edit the video or audio
  • The BBC can remove the content without notice
  • The BBC makes this content available at your own risk
  • Don’t put this content on sites that contain illegal or offensive material
  • Users accessing the video from outside the UK may see an error message
  • The embedding of BBC content is not a BBC endorsement of your website

So while you can embed the content, you are not allowed to remix or mash it up.

I would embed a video on this post but am prevented from doing so as the blog is hosted on  Hopefully the WordPress team will create a short code to embed BBC video.