AEJMC: Trends in the US newspaper industry

At the AEJMC conference, Richard Karpel, executive director of the ASNE, provided an assessment of the state of the newspaper industry in the US.

He said the US had 1,400 daily newspapers. In 2009, the industry had lost 5,200 jobs, about 11% of full time jobs. This compares to 5,900 job losses in 2008

Now there were around 41,000 jobs in the newspaper business. Karpel expected the decline in positions to slow, partly because papers that were in the red are profitable, largely by cutting costs.

Karpel said the major trends in the newspaper industry was a rapid move to online and to mobile platforms.

It meant that newsrooms were seeking to employ journalists with multimedia and social media skills.

Additionally, due to a 24/7 news cycle, Karpel said reporters needed to be able to report and write faster, maintaining an acceptable level of accuracy.

There was also a greater need for journalists to be aware of the business side and be more enterpreneurial.


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