Meredith Artley on CNN’s digital strategy

The second keynote of the ISOJ was by Meredith Artley, vice president and managing editor,

She started by stressing the importance of journalism and showed dramatic images of the aftermath of the disaster in Japan.

Like for other news organisations, Japan has proved a major draw for CNN. In the 10 days since the Japan quake on March 11, CNN had:

  • 75 million average page views per day on PC
  • 15 million average video starts
  • 1 million mobile app downloads
  • 9 million average page views per day on mobile

Artley went on to talk about some of the work under way in CNN in participation, video and mobile.

One such initiative is “Open Story” that pulls together traditional reporting, user-generated content and data. Open Story is a collaborative story-telling interface, such as this one on Japan.

Another project to let users leave a video comment on stories will go live this summer. And potentially, said Artley, the videos could be used on air.

She also previewed a new video interface, with a more cinematic feel and video in HD.  CNN also wants to create a more integrated viewing experience, so that video viewing can pick up from PC screen to iPad.

On mobile, CNN gets 174 million page views a month in February and these are expected to be over 200 million in March due to Japan. On the iPhone and iPad, CNN has had 5 million downloads.

Artley compared CNN’s strategy to Pilates: strengthening the core and stretching into new areas.



  • Josh Braun says:

    Thanks for posting these updates—I really wish my schedule had allowed me to attend this year. This presentation is of particular interest, since as you know I do work on how TV news creates its online presence. Did she mention CNN’s TV Everywhere strategy at all? That, to me, is one of the biggest elements in what’s coming next for these folks. I’ll be on the lookout for the video of this presentation.

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