How a Swedish talk show used Twitter

At the Neo-Journalism conference in Brussels, Anders Olof Larsson of Uppsala University presented his research into the journalists’ use of Twitter in a talk show context in Sweden.

In a brief presentation, he explained how he examined the use of Twitter by a new current events talk show called Hubinette, shown on public service TV in Sweden.

He collected 2,314 tweets with the hashtag #Hubinette.

His analysis showed that messages spiking when the show aired, as people responded and discussed what was on the programme.

Only 12.4% of tweets were @ responses, suggesting little conversation between the show and the audience.

The most active node was the host of the show, Karin Hubinette. There were quick interactions between the host and audience, said Larsson. Viewers would ask her something and she would reply.

Twitter is reactive, he concluded. But journalists and audiences acted rather traditionally, given the few @ responses.

Larsson concluded that journalistic norms and practices are slow to change.