Twitter dominates most read of the year

This blog has been somewhat neglected over the past few months. My writing energies have gone into working on my new book,  Tell Everyone: How the Stories We Share Shape What We Know and Why It Matters.

Tell Everyone shows us how to thrive at a time when our vastly expanded ability to share has given individuals much greater power to influence what is published, changed the way people organize, challenged institutional control of information and transformed how companies connect with customers.

The draft manuscript is almost done, so I am hoping to be able to return to more regular posting in the new year.

I appreciate the time you devote to reading my posts. Here is the most read posts of 2012:

  1. 10 best practices for Twitter for journalists
  2. Social media grows in importance for finding the news
  3. Twitter changes should concern journalists
  4. Why journalists should break news on Twitter
  5. Mark Deuze on rethinking the journalist as a DJ when we are all media
  6. What Kodak teaches us about disruptive innovation
  7. Rethinking journalism, tackling data, Twitter reporting and more from #ISOJ12
  8. Study points to prominence of activists in Andy Carvin coverage of Arab Spring
  9. How the newspaper was made in 1942
  10. Talking Andy Carvin, Twitter and the Arab Spring at ISOJ 2012

Twitter and social media dominate the top ten. It is unsurprising given that I have spent the year writing a book on the topic, as well as a couple of research papers and a book chapter.

Wishing you all happy holidays and a fabulous 2013.