Guardian results offer reasons to be cheerful about digital

The latest annual results from the Guardian suggest that its digital strategy may be paying off.

Digital revenue for Guardian News & Media, the publisher of the Guardian and Observer, were up by almost a third to £55.9m. The publisher now receives 28% of its total revenues of £196.3m from digital.

Overall, though, Guardian News & Media still made a loss of £30.9m in the year to end March 2013.

“I believe that the real progress GMG [Guardian Media Group] has made over the last twelve months gives us increased confidence that we are heading positively and confidently in the right direction,” wrote Dame Amelia Fawcett, chair of the GMG in the annual report.

Guardian Media Group, the parent company of Guardian News & Media, reported profits before tax of £22.7m.

The results for the digital side of things offer some clues as to what is working and what isn’t.

Over the past year, the number of unique monthly users has jumped by 40% to around 83 million by May 2013, following the expansion into the US in 2011 and Australia earlier this year.

More significant is the number of people coming to the Guardian via mobile. The publisher reported record mobile traffic, with almost 22.8 million uniques in May.

But the number of people willing to pay £3.99 for a six-month subscription on the  Guardian’s iPhone app has dropped from 82,000 to 57,259.

Subscribers for the iPad edition are up slightly from 17,000 to 22,951. This is a far more lucrative offering as subscribers pay up to £11.99 a month.

The results for mobile platforms point to the growing numbers who get their news on the go.

(Photo courtesy of Pig Sty Avenue)