This was #ASMC14 on Twitter

I was fortunate to take part in the conference at the University of Amsterdam on Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space.

There was a healthy backchannel of discussion on Twitter and here’s a snapshot of the chatter on the #asmc14 hashtag. I was one of the keynotes and I also tweeted a lot, so my surname is fairly prominent in all the results.

There were 2,318 tweets over the three-day conference from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 that I analysed using Crimson Hexagon.

Creating a topic wheel out of the hashtags shows how the keynotes sparked discussion, particularly the insightful presentation on algorithms as engines of order by Bernhard Rieder of the University of Amsterdam.

Topic wheel

A word cloud of the conference shows both the most used terms and the Twitter handles of prolific users who were heavily retweeted.

Word cloud

I am top of the list of the most prolific author by tweets. It is a good way of seeing just how much I tweeted during the three days.

Top authors One way of measuring impact is to see who was the most mentioned. And here we see that Bernhard Rieder’s keynote sparked the most interest due to his talk on algorithms.

Twitter Mentions

Quite an accomplishment for Bernhard, especially since he stepped in at the last minute to fill for Tarleton Gillespie.

It was an excellent three days thank to the hard work of the organisers, José van Dijck and Thomas Poell, ably assisted by their graduate students.